Home made compost bin. D.I.Y

So, I decided I would like to have a go at composting. To help reduce the household waste & to also have compost for my vegetable garden.

I looked up all different types of bins & containers & how to make a compost bin. I wanted something cheap & easy to use.

I ended up going to the discount store & buying a storage container & drilled holes all over the container.

2014 furbabies 011

I then placed it in the garden began my compost. First you need to put in a base layer of twigs & leaves, then putting your vegetable scraps or garden clippings.

After a few days it started to attract insects & started to smell. I hopped online to find out how to stop this,I read how I need to do layers of wet & dry throughout. So i got some straw & placed this on top of the food scraps. I live just around the corner from the beach & also read about how seaweed is great in compost, so added a layer of seaweed also.

After a few months i noticed how everything was breaking down the way it was suppose to. It has worms in it, helping to break down the scraps faster & making the compost richer. You also need to water your compost & give it a good stir every once in a while. This helps to aerate the compost inside.


There are many different styles of compost bins, mine is just a really quick, cheap way of getting started. With my next compost bin I think I may try a round bin out, as it may be easier to roll it to stir up the compost.

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