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My kitchen renovation disaster!

I have just come back to the town house after being away visiting family & was expecting a finished, fully functioning fabulous new kitchen. Wrong!

I come home to a fully functioning kitchen that at first glance looks great, but upon closer inspection it is very poorly done.

Here is what our kitchen looked like before:


It was brown, dull & made the place look dark.

So we opted for a bright white cupboards with a grey bench top. We got a kaboodle kitchen set & just had to find a builder. We were just about to go ahead with the renovation when Mark’s mother calls and says her best friends husband has been laid off & would be happy to do our kitchen at a mates rate. Alarm bells should have been ringing when she said he’d been laid off, however I was thinking, let’s give the guy a hand up in his time of need.

So he came in & proceeded to rip out & then install our kitchen. Everything seemed to be going alone smoothly enough until the second week. He calls in sick & wont be in for the remainder of the week. Fair enough, people get sick & we wanted him to get better so he could do a good job on the kitchen.

A week later he comes in & says he will have it completed by the end of the week. Brilliant! a new & fully functioning kitchen in time for the weekend! No, this was not to happen. I flew out on the Monday & i did not have a finished kitchen when I left. I was promised that upon my return home from my trip, the kitchen would be finished & ready to go.

So this is what I returned home to:


Not bad right? First glance & it look’s great. upon closer inspection it is a disaster! Splash back not secured properly, sealant under the cupboards, around the splash back & kitchen sink a horrible mess & he hasn’t even tried to disguise the cuts in the roof for the range hood & there are more horrible things that I am still finding & probably will.

I texted Mark in a flood of fury, how dare we pay someone & this someone being a person known to the family & they leave it in this sort of shape?!

He has been paid, & unfortunately it puts Mark’s mum in a very awkward situation, so now I just have to suck it up & deal with the fact that this is what I have until it is fixed, by another builder.

Here are some pictures of what I am so upset about:


So, the moral of this post is: Do not think that a family friend is going to do a great job on your reno; they may do a great job, or you could come out with something very similar to our situation. Always be aware of what is happening & do not be afraid to ask questions regarding things you think may not be looking right; you have to live with it, not the builder. Don’t pay them up front. If they do do a bad job, it will cause tension & you may no longer want to be as friendly with this person or the person who recommended them in the future.

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