Cat Life

So you want to get a cat or two……

All throughout my childhood we have had cats and dogs.

Mum was the main person who took care of the animals & us kids would just going for pats & cuddles. So when I went to get my first cat Akira, I did not know what that was truly going to entail, especially when we went & got our second cat Fergus.

Bringing Akira home we thought she would eat, sleep, play alittle & sleep some more. We thought we would be able to go to work & it would be fine.

Baby Akira

Akira has become very attached to Mark, she follows him around, sleeps beside him in the bed, sits on his lap when ever he sits down & cries when he leaves for work. I was not expecting this, I also got a little jealous. She was suppose to be my cat, not mark’s. Why is she following him around & not me?

We also got worried she was getting lonely when we were at work. She started to shred up boxes with her teeth. So we hummed and harred about getting a second cat.

Things to think about:

  • Double the food.
  • Double the kitty litter.
  • Do you have enough room for them both to coexist.
  • Double the vet visits & costs.
  • Do you have the time & patience to introduce them properly.

Baby Fergus

Now you may be thinking, what do you mean introducing them properly? Do you not just bring home the second cat & let them sort it out? No. This is where you can go wrong & problems will arise. Do you want two cats that like each other & want to play with each other, or do you want two very territorial cats that just co-exist & do not really get along.

So Mark & I went the time consuming route that we think got us the best out come, two cats that are buddies. When we bought Fergus home we set him up in our spare room with all his own stuff. After a few days we slowly introduced them by having their food on either side of the door and slowly opening the door little by little. Alot of hissing came from Akira, this was her home & he was new in her world. We also put him in our room and allowed her to come in & smell his space. We put Akira in our room & allowed Fergus to run around & investigate/ smell the place.

After a few weeks we put Fergus in his cage & let Akira meet him. Alot of hissing from Akira, Fergus just sat there. Fergus then got very sick with the cat flu & we had to stop all interactions so Akira would not get sick also. Once Fergus was better we decided to allow Fergus out & see what would happen.

He was free & loved it, running from the spare room! until he bumped into Akira. A little bit of hissing & a small chase. then they just sort of became wary of each other, being very careful & watchful. Slowly they have gone from being tentative, careful & watchful to now they snuggle up with each other, clean each other & have chases up & down the stairs. They play fight & get a little hissy, however they are buddies & co – exist very well together.

2014 furbabies 003

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