Cat Life

When Fergus got the Cat Flu.

We adopted both Akira & Fergus from Sydney Cats & Dogs Home & it has been the best decision ever.

We do wish we had have asked one question though; “Has there been any cat flu going through the shelter?” Because a week after getting Fergus home he started to get very sick. He went off his food (Fergus loves his food!) He was sneezing & had weeping eyes & it sounded like he was having trouble breathing. We found out the cat flu virus can sit dormant & then a few weeks later they start to get sick. One of the triggers is being stress & moving to a new environment!

We took him to the vet & got him checked out, the vet said it was cat flu, to feed him Royal Canin Recovery via a plastic syringe & keep an eye on it & to come back if it got worse. When I was paying the receptionist she asked if we wanted to get pet insurance for him, i said no thinking he would get better in a few days & it would be a waste of money.

No, wrong answer! You should definitely look into getting pet insurance because over the next few weeks our vet costs exploded because he did not get better straight away.

The second time we took him to the vets was about a week later, we were struggling to get the right amount of food into him & he was not improving at all. The vet gave him a shot & filled both of his sides with water under his skin to help hydrate him.

A few days later & we were getting tired & upset because he didn’t seem to be improving, his breathing was sounding worse & the watery eyes & him sneezing was getting worse also. We called the vet & asked what we could do, the vet said we could give him a tablet to help break up the mucus & phlegm which would hopefully help him breath & them hopefully he would start to eat again.

So we got the tablet & gave it to him & waited. The following couple of days he slowly started to improve & when we were feeding him the syringe he wasn’t as hesitant. Then finally about nearly a week after he had the tablet he just sat on the counter & ate straight from the syringe!!!! Then i put some of the Royal Canin Recovery paste on a plate & he lapped it all up!! So joyous!

2014 furbabies 081

Now he is a big fat healthy boy, but when ever he sneezes we worry we will go through the same thing again. We now have both Akira & Fergus insured with pet insurance!


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