My compost did what?!

Hey, if you saw my earlier blog, I showed you how I put together my own compost system.

It was a cheap and easy D.I.Y project and it has worked out great and i am now just reaping the rewards from it.

One of the OMG moments I have had is, one day I was about to toss the compost and then add another layer of scraps, dirt and straw, when I noticed asomething growing out the side.

I though it was a potato that I had thrown in and it had sprouted. But on closer inspection I got the greatest shock of my life….. It was and avocado shoot!!!

All my life my mum has had an avocado seed with toothpicks on the window sill & they never grew. So for me to now have one in my posession was super precious!

So i got an empty plastic pot, topped it up with the compost from the bottom of my compost bin, (just the soil, no food scraps) and then transplanted the small avocado shoot to the pot and put it out with my plants in the garden.

About a week later, while i was watering my plants I noticed it had shriveled up a little. SIGH.

But I would not go down without a fight!!! I had previously read how picky avocados can be with their environment. So i picked up my pot and put it on my kitchen bench near the window. My kitchen is for the most of the time, at a steady mid 20 degree celcius.

Two weeks later it still looked like it was dead, Mark asked me how much longer we had to live with this dead plant on the bench for?

“I dont know, can we leave it one more week?”

He agreed, and thank goodness for that!! Because right at the end of the third week, i went into the kitchen and saw the TINIEST sprouts from the side of the old part of the plant.

11850389_1644087295860737_2132846316_nSee!! this made my day!!

 11821336_1682984018602808_368240555_n Slowly but surely!!

Now 10 weeks later, it looks like this:

607 And the little buddy beside it? We I decided to see if I could grow one again from scrap, this time putting an unsprouted avocado seed into a pot of my compost in a pot on the kitchen bench.and?……. SUCCESS!!!


I hope you like my post and it gets you to start your own compost.

I have now tried to use the compost in many other plants I am now planting, and they are doing SO MUCH better than using the store bought potting mix.

Please try it and happy gardening!

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